Our Services

PeopleSupport offers counselling, psychotherapy, couples therapy, corporate training, and consulting services including professional supervision and coaching. We support people to make effective changes and choices, to achieve balance, well-being and healthy relationships. We are committed to current relevant professional development and supervision for all areas of practice.


A confidential professional and personalised service can be expected.


Counselling increases our understanding of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, to equip us to cope with changes and challenges. Learning specific skills, feeling seen and heard, relating well, making effective choices, actively planning and problem-solving are some of the possible outcomes from counselling.


The neuroscience of psychotherapy offers a unique opportunity for human growth and increased performance which focusses on the ability to enhance individual neurobiological mechanisms for change.


Psychotherapy allows us to explore the deeper issues impacting our sense of well being so resolution is complete and long lasting. We are at an exciting time in history where we can now understand the impact of the brain on our behaviours, patterns of relating and feelings. PeopleSupport offers an integrative process of neuroscience and psychotherapy to explore the nature of human growth on both an individual and corporate level.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy aims to reduce couple distress, heal relationship injuries and change ways of interacting. It is designed to de-escalate the negative cycle, create lasting shifts and changes in the structure of the relationship, bring about new solutions to old problems, and build new cycles and patterns of attachment.


PeopleSupport Consulting is an interactive creative group of services to maximise workplace wellness. Professional effectiveness can be enhanced through management coaching, workplace supervision and support services, training and group work. A confidential ethical respectful service will be designed to facilitate professional development, reflective practice and making sound choices and changes.


• Stress, pressure and burnout

• Relationship issues and couples’ issues

• Being single

• Managing your body, managing your mind

• Emotional management

• Workplace, family and personal conflict

• Building healthy relationships

• Communication issues

• Workplace issues

• Trauma

• Grief and loss

• Change and the unexpected

• Family matters

• Unhelpful patterns

• Living with health challenges

• Seeking a balanced lifestyle

• Self esteem and identity

• Unhelpful patterns

• Living with health challenges

• Seeking a balanced lifestyle

• Self Esteem and Identity